Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Episode 750: Curse You, Third-party Sellers!

EN301 seminar today was interesting, and I spoke up more than usual today, which means two sentences instead of one, if we're really counting. Next thing you know, it's going to be whole paragraphs! Received a call during the seminar, and it turns out that I've won a book! It was just some contest that I entered on the NUS Extra website, not really expecting anything to come of it. Well, surprise! Am a bit annoyed by a cancelled order on Amazon UK though. Third-party seller obviously figured out he wasn't making enough money and decided to cancel my order, citing the book as being out-of-stock. Problem is, he simply relisted the item at a slightly higher price. I've no problem with that, but hey, technically, he's defrauded me. I don't really care that he was making a loss, to be honest, since that's the sort of stupidity you'd expect someone who sells stuff online not to be guilty of. What I'm most annoyed about though, is that the money's been taken out of my bank account. Technically, as the Amazon employee helpfully explained in an e-mail, the money is on hold as is normal when a transaction takes place online, so it should revert back to my account within seven days. We'll see about that. I expect it will, but will kick up a suitable fuss if it doesn't.

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