Friday, October 15, 2010

Episode 753: PWP Plans!

Didn't have anything on today, but I came onto campus anyway, to get TV shows and to start some preliminary research for EN329 Personal Writing Project. Found a couple of interesting books on the Bible as literature for that, so now it's a question of whether I'll be able to read them. I've also thought of a possible way to expand my original concept, i.e. a series of dramatic monologues delivered by Biblical characters who don't actually say anything in the Bible. Instead of looking for 30 characters who don't speak, why not have 15 pairs of characters, associated with significant Biblical events? That way, one of each pair becomes the silent participant/witness and the other is the one whose words actually made it into the Biblical record. It should be easier to create a coherent project out of this, I think, which could in turn be expanded at some future point. Mustn't get ahead of myself though, before I've actually written any of the poems. Also spent a good amount of time in the Library trying to format a bunch of poems for Eunoia Review. It was tough, trying to figure out what the poet's intentions were, but I reckon I've done my best. Just don't want to have to do anything like this again any time soon!

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