Thursday, October 28, 2010

Episode 766: First PWP Meeting

So today got off to a pretty disastrous start. Missed the 68 down to the Parade, and then I walked halfway to the U1 bus stop before realising that I'd left my bus pass at home in the pair of jeans I wore yesterday, so I had to double back. Then at the bus stop, two full U1s went by, so by the time I finally made it to the seminar, I was 35 minutes late. Absolutely mortifying. The Internet is also being temperamental. It works on and off, and I can't figure out why. It's either incompatible router settings or a weak wireless signal, and I can't figure out which it is. Or maybe we just have a lousy connection. Wouldn't explain why I have absolutely no problems connecting to the wireless network using my iPhone though. Argh! At least my PWP meeting with Michael Hulse went really well. He was enthusiastic about the idea that I've got, and I can tell he really thinks I could do something amazing with it. The original idea I had is already expanding in my mind, but what I need is to find the right stories out of the Bible, pairing iconic figures with non-speaking characters. The first group I've got so far is Cain/Abel/Seth, and I'm thinking of ending the sequence off with John/Judas/Matthias. Matthias particularly interests me because he was Judas's replacement among the Twelve, but I believe the Bible doesn't actually mention him again outside of Acts. I think there's an interesting parallel there with how Seth is Adam and Eve's 'replacement' son after Abel's death and Cain's subsequent banishment.

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