Saturday, October 16, 2010

Episode 754: Purchasing Decisions

Am being sorely tempted by two potential purchases at the moment. On the one hand, I'm looking to acquire J. G. Ballard's œuvre, as published by Harper. That'll set me back slightly more than £100, which I can definitely afford at this point, so it's a question of whether I'm going to regret it in a couple of weeks or months. That's totally the only reason I'm holding back. For the same reason, I'm hesitating over getting one of the new aviator jackets Topman just launched. £160 for something that's only from a high street brand really does seem like too much, doesn't it? I don't have a leather jacket though, and this has been annoying me ever since I let the Zara one get away. That's the only way I can justify buying yet another jacket. So books, jacket or both? Anyway, I've made some progress on Hamlet! Read two more acts and I'll get through the remaining two after the evening service tomorrow. No idea when I'll read the remaining three plays, although I might read at least the first scenes of all of them, since my tutor did say we're looking at beginnings at the next seminar. Also desperately trying to get through A Clockwork Orange, except I can see why it's a worthy book but I just don't care enough to read it! Maybe I should just skip ahead to The Atrocity Exhibition?

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