Friday, October 08, 2010

Episode 746: Housewarming Party!

We're finally going to be getting Internet. In approximately three weeks! I think Virgin's great, but they really need to hire more engineers to do installations, seriously. What's the point of rolling out things like nine-month student offers when you don't have the manpower to actually get things up and running for people in a timely fashion? Rant over. I sat in the Library after settling the Internet and made myself finish the review of Turbulence Issue Four. Felt I was a bit harsh at the end, although I think the point I made was fair. We'll see what my editor thinks about it. Then I came home and went for the cluster BBQ at Matt Cholawo's. Was the first to arrive, although I'd been aiming to be slightly late. Oh well. Then I had to head back home for my own housewarming party, stopping by Tesco along the way to help other people get drunk. At least I didn't break any of the bottles on the walk back! Anyway, there were lots of people at the party tonight, and I had a good conversation with Marie, which was nice. Definitely adding a few more people on Facebook after tonight, since that is, as you know, the ultimate social arbiter in this day and age.

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