Sunday, October 10, 2010

Episode 748: Happy 10/10/10, Everyone!

Attended a Northern Broadsides rehearsal of Macbeth this morning and it was pretty cool. Had chills down my spine and everything when they were doing the first scene with the three witches. I also got to see Lenny Henry in the flesh. I should apparently have been really excited about this, but not being a native Briton, I had to Google him afterwards to understand why. Consider me retroactively starstruck. Was going to spend the afternoon reading The Taming Of The Shrew in the Library, but someone's taken the Norton edition out, so I wound up clearing a few more submissions. Had to reject one batch of stories because they simply required too much editing to meet my standards, only to have the author send in more within minutes of my e-mail, including one that he'd sent in his first submission. That obviously did not impress me, and I wound up rejecting his new stories again, for the same reasons as before. I'm really hoping he'll take the hint this time! Anyway, today's date is another one of those mathematical curiosities, so I hope everyone had a good 10/10/10! See you for 11/11/11...

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