Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Episode 737: Lone Star Down

So Fox has gone and done it again. They've cancelled Lone Star, a critically acclaimed series that failed to gain a high enough viewership, presumably because the bulk of the American audience is stupid and won't watch a show that doesn't have an unrealistically attractive cast. (That said, it's not as if the cast members of Lone Star are hideous or anything. They're just not as perfect as say, any random person on a show from The CW.) The only good thing about this cancellation is that the premiere date of the new season of Lie To Me has been brought forward a month. To be honest, I didn't think Season 2 of that was all that great, so hopefully, Season 3 sees a return to form, or else it could end up a casualty of the 2010/11 fall season. Then Fox can just fill the slot with another reality TV programme. Perfect! Today's been fairly productive, by the way. I've issued acceptances/rejections to all the submissions in my inbox, and now have enough material to fill almost the whole month of October. Who knows? I might get enough by tomorrow to complete the month. Also finished reading the books I mentioned yesterday, so now I'm going to tackle the Zagajewski collections.

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