Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Episode 730: Lone(ly) Star...

Mum's finally back from hospital and I got a pair of sunglasses made. Not the pair that I was originally eyeing, but only because I couldn't have got prescription lenses with that frame. (My dad insisted it would've been silly not to get prescription lenses, even though my myopia is hardly at a debilitating level.) Probably going to collect it over the weekend. Managed to make time today to watch the pilot episode of Lone Star and can totally see why critics have praised it whilst audiences have shunned it, to the extent that rumours are already swirling that it's going to be cancelled after just one episode. Wouldn't surprise me if that actually happened, since the show's airing on Fox, a network notoriously incapable of giving shows a chance. To be fair to Lone Star, its premise is pretty different from the usual network TV formulae, and it really might've been a better fit with cable backing, like AMC or HBO, or even FX. Oh well. We'll see soon enough. Or not, as the case may be. Also stayed up last night to finally watch Exam, which I thought to be a particularly impressive directorial debut. I liked that it had a tinge of science fiction, but that this was kept firmly in the background, allowing the psychological drama to unfold as the candidates turned against each other. Definitely should've caught this on the big screen at Warwick Student Cinema last term when it was screening!

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