Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Episode 722: Should I?

The season finale of Lie To Me was pretty low-key, although the plot developments make it a game-changer for next season, which is premiering in November, so I haven't got long to wait for it. The Gossip Girl premiere, on the other hand, was brilliant. Didn't think Katie Cassidy got enough exposure in the episode, but she's supposed to be sticking around for at least the first half of the season, which is great news to me. Loved her character on the Melrose Place reboot, so I'm hoping some of the snark from that's been carried over to her Gossip Girl role. Although there wasn't a lot of high drama per se in the episode, apart from another Blair-Serena mini-catfight (kittenfight?), it set up enough in terms of storylines to suggest that this is going to be quite a delicious season. Randomly, I've just received a $75 voucher from Google AdWords and I'm wondering what I should do with it. I mean, $75 to drive traffic somewhere, no strings attached. So I had this crazy idea. Why not set up an online literary journal? All it takes to get started at the very minimum is an account with Blogger or WordPress, and I've seen some journals with pretty spartan designs anyway. Then use the voucher to get potential submitters, and take it from there. Sound like a plan?

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