Monday, September 20, 2010

Episode 728: Baby Steps

Number of submissions has doubled since yesterday, but I suppose Shirley's right, I should probably give it at least two weeks before making any firm decisions. Might be a bit of a problem because I kind of wanted to start scheduling daily posts from October onwards, but if the number of suitable pieces isn't there, it can't be helped, I guess. I'm thinking I'll start making decisions about acceptances once I have 10 submissions, which will ideally be sometime this week! Quite excited by the most recent submission at least. Would be more than happy to feature more work from this particular poet in future, and will probably say so in my reply to him. The easy way would be to go soliciting submissions from my coursemates, but part of me is reluctant to do so, at least not to start off with anyway. I definitely want to feature their work in future, but to make use of my personal relationships to build an initial pool of submissions, and by extension, readers, feels like taking the easy way out. Have decided to start off by casting the net among Singaporean friends who've been involved with creative writing in the past, in the hope that through them, I can reach more, well, strangers. Will find out soon enough if that's going to work!

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