Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Episode 715: Feedback Session

A lot less people at the feedback session than I'd expected, and I already wasn't expecting that many. It was good though, plus now I've finally met my scholarship officer in person! Had lunch at Spice Peranakan before that, where the waitress was very grumpy towards us, for no reason that we could figure out. Anyway, I've just finished Remainder and without giving away too much of the ending, I'll say it's low-key, but intellectually satisfying in the way that the novel truly remains fixated on the notion of repetition right till the end. Literally. (You'll understand what I mean once you've read it.) It's an impressive display of resistance and defiance in the face of the average reader's instinctive demand for closure, essentially a slap in the face of conventional Hollywood narratives where the good guys win and the bad guys get punished. (Remainder doesn't have either anyway. Just the narrator-enactor, enablers and reenactors.) It's definitely a thought-provoking novel for me, in the way that House Of Leaves is. By the way, before I went to bed last night, I think I might've been indirectly paid the best literary compliment I've ever received to date. Let's just say it's thrown up another factor to consider when choosing between America and England for my MA.

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