Saturday, September 04, 2010

Episode 712: Kite Flying

Just went online to apply for travel authorisation under the American Visa Waver Program because from next Wednesday onwards, it's going to cost US$14 for an application that is typically approved instantaneously. (Yes, charging for this totally makes sense to me too, and if it doesn't to you, maybe they don't want your kind at the 'Party In The USA'. Haha!) I don't have firm plans to holiday in America at the moment, but since the authorisation is valid for two years or until expiry of passport (whichever is sooner), there's no harm in getting it done while it's still free! Anyway, I'm a little sunburnt from our cell's kite flying session today. Hadn't expected it to be quite so bad, since there didn't particularly seem to be a lot of sun. Hopefully, it'll fade into a more decent tan over the next couple of days. Incidentally, today was the first time I've flown a kite. (In some ways, I suppose my childhood was deprived.) Was introduced to this place today as well, Once Upon A Milkshake. It's pretty cool, reminds me of Cow Milkshake Bar back in Leamington. Not too keen on the cutesy names they give their flavours, but otherwise, it seems like a great place to grab a milkshake and just chill out for a couple of minutes.

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