Sunday, September 19, 2010

Episode 727: First-time Editor

Mum's foot operation went smoothly, thank God. Submissions have begun trickling in for the journal. Two, to be exact. I have an idea of which poems I want to include, but I'm kind of hoping for more submissions to come in first before making a firm decision and sending a reply, just to have a wider selection of poems to compare against each other. Being a first-time editor is harder for me than I thought it would be. I'm still at the I love/hate-this-but-cannot-say-why-for-sure stage. I'll tell you what really gets me though, despite occasionally being guilty of it as a poet. Pointless enjambment. You know, like when there's just one word at the end of a line and the rest of the phrase it belongs to is on the next, and that single word in isolation doesn't carry sufficient weight, like 'I' or 'The' or 'Of'. Basically, anything that could just as easily have gone at the start of the next line without sacrificing meaning. Call it a pet peeve of mine. Such a small decision, where to put a line break, and it's completely keeping me from giving a definite nod to my current batch of submissions. Sigh...

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