Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Episode 891: TV & Stories

The French examination today was pretty easy. A bit too easy, I think. Hope I didn't screw it up without realising! Am now spending the rest of the night catching up on all that television I couldn't watch yesterday because I was in the Library. Also need to do reading for tomorrow's seminar though, but I don't mind because I really like Rachel Seiffert's short stories. There's more than a hint of melancholy in them that I find very appealing. Then there's still that steampunk novel I need to review. Tempted to ask my editor to push the deadline back, which he did initially offer to do. Except that was weeks ago, and it's kind of irresponsible to ask now. I can probably get through the novel over the weekend, and then write the review on Monday. Not sure where writing my play fits in with all this, but hey, I'll figure something out. I always seem to do, right? If this were a movie, this is the point from which it all goes downhill. Clearly though, real life is a lot less cooperative than art. Don't worry though. If I ever had a meltdown, rest assured this is where you'd find out about it. Or on Facebook. (Yeah, probably Facebook.)

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