Sunday, March 06, 2011

Episode 895: Play's On Ice!

Play is temporarily on hold while I get on with The Difference Engine. It's actually starting to get quite exciting, although I think a build-up of about 100 pages is pushing things, since that's more than a quarter of the novel. No idea what I'm going to say in the review yet, beyond the obvious stuff about steampunk and the use of historical figures. (I like the idea of Byron as Prime Minister!) Bought a couple of books (the Jump 225 trilogy that I've been eyeing only since forever) and the back issues of Popshot Magazine (because they were going as a bundle for £10), although I've since cancelled the Amazon UK order because The Book Depository is offering them for a few pounds less. It does annoy me slightly that when Prometheus Books reissued the first book in the trilogy, Infoquake, they changed the cover art so that it no longer matches the subsequent two books. (Yes, I know. I'm nuts.) Am feeling a bit frivolous now though, since I've pretty much spent all the money I made from doing DR@W experiments! Have another one coming up on Tuesday, and there's one in Week 10, so might get a bit of petty cash out of those, I guess. I've actually been really good with my money this year, comparatively speaking. As long as I stop walking into Oxfam and coming out with a ridiculous number of poetry books that I have no time to read, I should be fine. Right?

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