Friday, March 11, 2011

Episode 900: Play's Done!

Was on campus today for a workshop with Tony Barnstone, which was interesting. Definitely liked some of the poems better than others, although I pretty much agreed with everything he said by way of feedback to people. Anyway, for better or worse, the play is finished. Still have time to revise it, of course, and I'm waiting to get feedback from a couple of friends who've been reading through the work-in-progress, but I don't think I'm going to do anything major. Just need to write the reflective essay, which I'm going to do tomorrow evening, I suppose. It's a relief to have finished, that much I'll say. I suspect the final third of the play isn't as good, although it's composition hasn't been any more rushed than the other sections really. For now though, I think I deserve to unwind with a book. There are way too many options for this, by the way, especially now that the Jump 225 trilogy arrived today! Can't wait to get stuck into that, although I should really finish reading The Windup Girl first, right? Annoyingly, Amazon UK hasn't shipped the book I ordered yesterday, so there's a good chance I will not have read The Secret History Of Costaguana by Juan Gabriel Vásquez before next week's EN236 seminar. Then again, since that's when the UCU strike is scheduled to happen, I suppose it isn't technically massively important.

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