Thursday, March 10, 2011

Episode 899: The More I Write, The More Unsure I Get...

Seems like the UCU has called for strike action next Thursday to protest cuts to staff pensions, so there's a good chance I won't have any classes. If this had happened earlier in the term, do you think we might've had a shot at getting blanket extensions for our assessed work? Haha! Anyway, in a sudden fit of industry, spurred largely by the awareness that it's definitely a better idea to finish this play before Monday evening, I've written about another two pages, spread across the three incomplete/missing scenes. I think I've definitely pushed Scene 4 to a point where I could bring it to the final line that's been set in place for a week or so now, and not have the dialogue feel forced. Scene 5 is really just there to tie up lingering objections from Scene 4, and Scene 6 will basically write itself because half of it is going to be a mock review of a production. Then it's 2000 words for the reflective essay, and I'm definitely going to focus a lot more on the process of writing this play, now that I've made so many changes and adjustments along the way. Usually, I feel a lot more secure the more I've written, but with this play, it's like I just keep uncovering more stuff that feels like it has to be included in order to validate the creative project as a whole. It's disconcerting and exciting, but I would really rather just be certain and bored.

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