Friday, March 25, 2011

Episode 914: LSE's Guys & Dolls

Went to London to see the LSE production of Guys & Dolls because Eugene is one of the directors. Got to London earlier than I expected, so I had time to hit both Oxfam Marylebone and Bloomsbury. Disappointingly small haul this time though, although I did chance upon another Laura Wade play in the Bloomsbury shop. Managed to read a fair amount of Elizabeth Knox's The Vintner's Luck, which only arrived this morning before I left the house. Its central structuring conceit is interesting, and it's set in France, so what's not to love about the book? Also bought the sequel, The Angel's Cut, which is considerably thicker. Anyway, I randomly bumped into Diego when I went to collect my ticket, so I ended up sitting with him and his friends, and we had dinner after the musical at Fire & Stone, which has one of the most impressive pizza menus I've ever seen. I really liked the musical, especially the Nathan/Adelaide pair. I thought some of the singing could have been better, but that's me being picky purely because I've had some training from being in the choir for four years! Now we're off to the cast party at Eugene's...

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