Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Episode 919: That's One Review Down...

After a third consecutive day of waking up after noon, I told myself that I needed to get my act together and start going to bed at more sensible hours. So that means 2 am instead of 3. Was explaining to David Tait that I blame my shift in sleeping patterns entirely on my iPhone, since it's made it impossible to disconnect from social networking, and I have way too many fun games on it. It's a fact that once I'm in bed, I usually spend at least half an hour going back on Facebook, checking my e-mail, or playing some totally inconsequential game. Jury's still out on whether I'm going to go to bed any earlier tonight, although even if I don't, it's okay because I've finally finished reading and reviewing Unthology No. 1! Sat down in the conservatory (because it was warm) and made myself finish it, and then came to my laptop and spent a few hours dithering over the review. It's done though, and I discovered a new writer who excited me enough on the basis of a short story (told House Of Leaves-style) that I went and bought his debut novel. Also ordered a couple of books by Christopher Nosnibor, postmodernist stuff that I may or may not enjoy, although the blurbs suggest that I will. If I don't, I'll just send them back to Amazon UK like I always do. I really do need to stop buying books online, don't I?

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