Saturday, March 26, 2011

Episode 915: Too Little Sleep, Too Much Sugar

Ended up sleeping at the foot of the bed after the party, which wasn't the most comfortable of places, but I still managed to nap for a couple of hours. Have stayed awake the rest of the day mostly through sheer willpower and sugar. One good thing's come out of it though: I've finally written another page of my PWP! It's the first of a four-part sequence called 'The Wives Of Jacob', so you can imagine which women I'm writing about. (I considered 'The Merry Wives Of Jacob', but felt certain that while Michael Hulse would note the punning reference, he would probably consider it gratuitous, and he would be right.) I think it's going to be an interesting long poem, as I'm trying to realise ideas about the relationships between the four wives that have never occurred to me when reading the Bible previously, but which are entirely plausible, just unsubstantiated in the Biblical text as we have it. Didn't get to eat my customary meal of KFC before I left London because I started a 30-minute sprawling conversation with Eugene just as I was about to leave for Victoria Coach Station. Topics covered included my excitement that Abercrombie & Fitch is finally opening a store in Singapore and how I think it's okay that I like the brand because I'm being ironic about it. Totally. Also, Dolce & Gabbana online sale on Monday! I'm actually tempted. This is bad news...

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