Monday, March 28, 2011

Episode 917: Resisted An Online Sale!

To yesterday's anonymous commenter, thanks for pointing that out, but fact still remains that I have a queued reading list that literally stretches from one end of my bookshelf to the other, so The Angel's Cut is going to have to wait. Woke up an hour earlier today than I did yesterday, which all things considered, is an improvement, I guess. Baby steps. Resisted the temptation to buy two pairs of £85 Dolce & Gabbana shorts, even though this was a steeply discounted price from This means that my £8 voucher is probably going to go to waste, unless I see something I want in the upcoming shoe sale. Don't think I'm trying to save that £170 though. I'm just squirrelling it away to buy more books. Or some back issues of Timothy McSweeney's Quarterly Concern. Part of me wishes all the issues could be converted for the McSweeney's iPhone application, but then again, I think part of the literary journal's appeal is how each issue comes in a different format. Wikipedia says that there are only going to be 56 issues of the journal, and we're already up to Issue 36 at present. Probably not the best idea to buy them this year though. Partly because I think some of the older issues are being republished later this year so I can hopefully get them for less money, partly because I am quickly running out of floor space in my room.

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