Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Episode 904: Amazon, Why Do You Hate Me?

Oh, Amazon UK, how you mock me! The books I ordered arrived today instead of Thursday, which meant it was completely unnecessary to buy a copy of Tony Barnstone's collection from the university Bookshop. It was only about 10p more expensive though, so I'm just going to return the Amazon copy, unless someone in my seminar group hasn't got it yet and would like to take it off my hands. I also bought a couple of French books, part of my ambitious plans to take my French to the next level. I think an important part of knowing a language is being able to read its literature, and while I will almost certainly never attain the same facility at literary analysis in French as I have in English, I can at least start reading more French stuff. Since, you know, it's not like I don't have loads to read already, right? Now that the Shakespeare creative project's done with, I need to crack on with my fiction portfolio and PWP. The former's 75% done, so it just needs rewriting based on the feedback I've received so far. The latter has seven pages done, so that's 23 more to go! All this after I catch up on my television, of course.

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