Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Episode 898: MA Writing Soirée

Got onto campus early for the colloquium with Tony Barnstone, which was really interesting. Looking forward to the poetry workshop on Friday now! Also got my French results back today, which were more than satisfactory. My concerns about my linguistic expression proved completely unfounded since I got 89% for that component of the written comprehension. I quote the marker's comments: 'Très bien exprimé. Très agréable à lire.' Quite pleased by that actually. Hung about in the Library after the seminar, reading The Invention Of Morel for tomorrow morning. I hope I'm not the only one who found it mildly horrifying. Very good, but creepy. Anyway, the soirée was a fundraiser, but I didn't want any of the books enough to get raffle tickets. The readings were fantastically 'eclectic', to borrow Peter Blegvad's word. I really warmed to Luke Kennard's brand of humour, in particular. I know loads of my friends love him, but I wasn't as keen before, at least not until this evening. (I also wonder how much of the awkwardness is really just showmanship. A fair bit, I'm guessing.) Was also great to hear Maureen Freely and Jeremy Treglown read from their work, don't think I've heard them do it before. Plus Peter's songs were just brilliant! All in all, a good way to avoid dealing with writing the missing scenes of my play. Can't put it off forever though...

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