Saturday, March 05, 2011

Episode 894: A Trickle Of Writing (And Reading)

Managed to push a bit further through the scene that I'm writing. I'd say I have two-and-a-half scenes to go, and them I'm done. It might need further editing, although I've been doing that on the go as usual anyway. Then there's the reflective essay to get through. I'm taking a break from it though, at least until tomorrow, to read William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's The Difference Engine. I've got to write a review of it by Tuesday for The Cadaverine, and I've totally been procrastinating. (Ditto for my PWP, although I'm hoping to get at least one new poem out before the end of term so that I can see Michael Hulse. Want to talk to him about submitting for a competition and an anthology.) Said procrastination also involves finishing the first season of Better Off Ted, which is hilarious. It's so funny, I can't believe it's American, though I suppose that's precisely why it got cancelled. I'm being disciplined and not starting on Season 2 though! Really have to get through a chunk of that novel before I go to bed, which is possible, since it's not even 9.30 pm yet.

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