Thursday, March 17, 2011

Episode 906: Get Writers At Warwick On Your Apple Device!

Just got told that as far as being an editor is concerned, I'm 'one of the good guys out there'. Even if you chalk it up to exaggerated flattery, it's still a nice thing to be told by a contributor, isn't it? It's encouraging to know the time I spend reading submissions is appreciated, even if I do occasionally get a submission that makes me wonder if the sender doesn't care about the journal so much as s/he cares about getting published. I'm specifically thinking of a particularly crass e-mail, which didn't even contain a biographical note and was simply forwarded from an e-mail sent to another magazine. I mean, I send out standard rejections all the time, so I'm not expecting some long, personalised cover letter, but I think it's basic decency to at least send a fresh e-mail for each magazine you send something off to. Right? Anyway, as you can see from the title of this post, I found out this evening that the Writers at Warwick archive is now accessible through my iPhone, thanks to the new Writers application. It's only 4.3 MB because the audio files are streamed rather than being stored in the application itself, but it's still pretty awesome. I think the current reading featured on the homepage is from 1979, and it's Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky at the Warwick Arts Centre. Tell me that isn't cool!

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