Sunday, March 13, 2011

Episode 902: Reflective Essay's Done!

So the reflective essay's finished, and I've even made very minor additions to the play itself. It's all done now, and I really couldn't care about changing it anymore! All that's left is to print it off tomorrow and submit it. Can't believe I finished this before midnight, which is a whole 36 hours before the deadline. This is like an amazing personal record. It'd almost be worth it even if I did terribly now, since I could pretend like the additional 36 hours would have turned it into something worthy of a First, which is usually how I roll when it comes to assessed work. Almost, but not quite. I really, really want the play to get a good grade, mainly because no one's ever graded my playwriting before. Apart from that radio play that Peter Blegvad positively skewered in Year 1. All the other plays I've written over the past couple of years have never been subjected to anything other than the cushioned arena of my friends' opinions as viewers. Bella tells me that I have talent and I should continue writing plays anyway. I'm not so self-effacing that I don't believe her, but at the same time, I'm well-aware that given a choice between becoming a better poet and a better playwright, I'd pick the former. The latter is surely more economically sensible if I wanted to work in the arts, since I can't really see myself as a novelist, despite my ready, ardent professions of wanting to write a monumentally successful science fiction series. Even in Singapore though, it's more viable to work in theatre than traffic in poetry. Sigh...

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