Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Episode 890: Blue Valentine

So my day got off to a really lousy start, courtesy of Stagecoach. It was so bad, I would have sworn out loud if there had been anyone around me that I knew. Instead, I had to content myself with posting angry stuff on Facebook. The best, explaining to Eugene what the U1 was, for which six people saw fit to click 'Like': 'Eugene, it's the f***ed up bus I get to my world-class university.' That really sums up the situation at Warwick, doesn't it? Anyway, I don't want to dwell on it anymore, even though I was so annoyed that even earning £37 from my DR@W experiment only somewhat mollified me. I guess it also helped that the seminar, despite my turning up half an hour late, was a lot of fun. Got a couple of experiments to go before the end of term, so that's a few more chances to earn some petty cash! Then I met up with Bella in the Library to do some work. I wrote less of my play than I'd hoped to, although I did manage to mentally flesh out more of the specifics for the unwritten scenes. I've decided to make the Dramaturg a more selfish character because in my current formulation, he's a bit too noble to be true. I mean, it's a nice sentiment, proclaiming that your loyalty is to the production and all, but even as I wrote it, I was thinking in the back of mind that I had to complicate that aspect of his character somehow. Finally, to reward myself, I saw Blue Valentine with Annabella and Dan at the Arts Centre. I liked it, although I think the marriage-falling-apart trope is a bit too obvious, even if this film did manage to rise beyond clichés. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams were brilliant! My personal opinion is that of the two, she was the more selfish and I'm not sure if I buy that they were really at the end of their relationship. Randomly, this film was way more explicit than I expected from a production featuring American actors. It was very, uh, continental, in its approach to nudity.

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