Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Episode 911: Pseudo-efficiency?

Made a to-do list on Twitter last night, none of which has actually been done. I did, however, manage to send off all four books that need to be returned to Amazon UK. Turns out that the Leamington library has a copy of The Secret History Of Costaguana by Juan Gabriel Vásquez, and since I doubt any of my friends actually have a local library card, I don't think anyone's realised this fact. There's a few more copies scattered throughout Warwickshire, the nearest being in Kenilworth. Was going to pick up something from the Library from the EN236, you know, just part of reading for revision, but ended up taking out Barry MacSweeney's The Book Of Demons for no particular reason. It's a slim volume, so I should be done with it soon, and then I'll get something off the EN236 reading list. I suppose I wouldn't have got much done today anyway. Completely slipped my mind that it'd be Tuesday, and that means lots and lots of television to catch up on. Seven episodes this week, and only because some shows are on hiatus. The season finale of MTV's Skins is really boring, by the way. It's weak compared to the UK original's first series finale, and Eura isn't mysterious like Effy was, she's just annoyingly opaque (and not as pretty).

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