Monday, March 07, 2011

Episode 896: Still On Ice, Sadly...

Have about 150 pages more to go before I finish with the book. I reckon that a bit more tonight, plus a couple of hours in the afternoon while I'm on campus tomorrow, and I can write the review before I go to see the dance performance in the Arts Centre in the evening. Have a letter to write for French homework too, but if I'm desperate, I could whip that up in an hour or so at night, right? Anyway, I'm pleased to report that the 150th piece of writing published by Eunoia Review was featured on FictionDaily today. Congratulations, Emily Grekin! In their own words, at FictionDaily, 'we select and aggregate content from the "independent" publishing world—the magazines, the websites, the small houses, the self-publishers—and put it into one place. Use this site to find stories to read, and to explore the myriad places that publish them (see our growing Literature list). Use it as a gateway to the vast sea of literature that's being produced now in ways that the old industry can't keep up with.' Sounds like an admirable amount of legwork is involved, and it's nice to have my editorial judgement confirmed by a complete stranger. Also have work lined up for publication on the site all the way till the end of April, so that's fantastic as well. I'm thinking submissions will start growing once Duotrope's Digest removes the 'Fledgling' label (less than a month!), since the journal will then be on the lists for 25 Swiftest and 25 Most Approachable Poetry Markets. (Haven't had enough reported submissions for fiction to make it onto the corresponding lists.) That's when the real test comes, juggling reading of submissions with the rest of the things I have to do.

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