Saturday, March 12, 2011

Episode 901: Reflective Essay's Half-done...

I've written nearly half of the reflective essay so far. I think it's coming along well, and I could definitely get the rest of it done in the Library tomorrow between the morning and evening services. Then I'll be done for the term! I'm really quite pleased that I'm not leaving everything until 12 hours before the deadline for a change. Go me, yeah? Anyway, I've got a random story about Words with Friends. I've been playing this Scrabble-clone on my iPhone on and off for ages now, and I've even played a couple of games with Coury Palermo, who is hands down my favourite male singer at the moment. Pretty much has been ever since I heard him on Sleepthief's 'World Gone Crazy'. I even got a tweet reply from him when I said that 'Reason Why' was the most beautiful duet I'd ever heard. (Totally true, by the way, wasn't just fishing for a shout-out.) So I guess (semi-)famous people do play games on their iPhone as well, just like us ordinary mortals. A couple of nights ago though, someone started a game with me and introduced himself as Bill Dorfman. Yeah, I had to Google him too, but apparently, Dr. Bill Dorfman is some famous dentist in Los Angeles. You know the type. So if this guy is really who he says he is, it's just, well, rather random. I expect there will be further developments, so will keep everyone updated.

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