Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Episode 912: 17°C Today!

Mild progress on that to-do list. Have read a bit more of Unthology No. 1 and will at least finish the second story before going to bed. Haven't rewatched The Matrix trilogy, although I have rewatched the companion collection of short films, The Animatrix. Ah, the things I do to procrastinate! Was in the Library this afternoon to swap some books out, and I nearly finished the Barry MacSweeney volume. Would have read the last poem, but that might have made me miss the U1 home, and there wasn't going to be another for at least half an hour. Have to go back to campus tomorrow anyway, as I've signed up for a DR@W experiment and I managed to take out two identical Geoffrey Hill titles without realising. For some reason, one copy was shelved with the other books but another was boxed with the pamphlets, and I grabbed the pamphlet copy thinking it was something else. Oh well. Plenty of time to swap the right one out tomorrow. Randomly, I bought Tim Burton's The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy And Other Stories from Oxfam before heading to campus. It was £2.99, £5 off the RRP, so I figured, why not? The book was in decent condition, and I like the quirkiness of the stories. Some of them are rather adult though, I must say. I think the last time I read it was actually in Kinokuniya. Just stood there and read it because it's such a short book. Also somewhat randomly, I had an idea on how to rework my insomniac story for the portfolio. It's now going to have a (quite literally) killer ending, and the main protagonist has become a twin whose brother, unlike him, stayed behind in Singapore to do NS. Haven't actually written anything, but I think the idea's pretty solid now, and all it needs is to be written down and fine-tuned.

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