Friday, March 18, 2011

Episode 907: Last Day Of Term!

House party at David's was a bit sedate initially because there was hardly anyone there, even though Sophie and I turned up nearly two hours late. When it picked up though, it really went all the way. There was even a portable strobe light, which would have been really fun for any epileptics in the room. Anyway, Tony Barnstone had some helpful things to say about the poem I sent in for the workshop, which kind of fed into some of the points raised by Toh Hsien Min when he asked if I would consider rewriting it and resubmitting for the next issue of QLRS instead. Guess it's back to the drawing board with this one! It was great though, hearing a poet talk about writing in form, seeing as I'm someone who's generally unwilling to commit to free verse and yet isn't necessarily always comfortable with form either. Syllabics are a compromise, but I think my writing would benefit if I could push further in the direction of form. I mean, there's definitely more than enough free verse out there already. Definitely going to Google that manifesto Tony mentioned during the Q&A, and I'll put a link up to it once I've found it. Was very intrigued by the tarot card project he's been working on because things like double sonnets really appeal to the part of me that is somewhat obsessed by patterns in things.

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