Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Episode 905: Submissions Sent!

Meeting with Michael Hulse about the poems I'm thinking of sending off went well. He liked almost all of them, and the ones he thought weren't as strong, I can see why. Am going to post the competition poems tomorrow, and I've just sent another selection off to Todd Swift for consideration. I swear the hardest part of that was trying to write a new biographical note. I'm really good at flippant ones, but I wanted something a bit more proper for this submission. With these two submissions done, that takes care of the last outstanding thing I needed to get done before the holidays. (The fiction review I'm doing for Sabotage Reviews doesn't count because it's due in just over two weeks!) Still haven't read Tony Barnstone's collection for tomorrow, which I'm going to do once I switch off my laptop. I did manage to get through the first section at least, before the Singapore Society Graduation Tea in Curiositea (where else?). It was nice seeing people I hadn't seen pretty much all year, but then again, I was already prepared for that to happen when I chose to move to Leamington rather than back to campus. Can't believe how it feels almost like yesterday that we were still freshers, meeting each other for the first time at a picnic in the Botanic Gardens...

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