Sunday, March 20, 2011

Episode 909: I Didn't Oversleep!

Actually made it to the morning service for the AGM. Would've been late because I missed the bus I should've taken, but Mike and the Matts pulled up at the bus stop literally minutes before the next bus was due, so I made it to church with time to spare. Had to go to the Library after the service to return Laura Wade's Posh, as for some reason, someone else wants to read the play and the remaining two copies are out on loan as well. Is it on the reading list for a theatre module or something? That's the only explanation I can think of. It's a good play, though as one reviewer put it, I can't tell if the dialogue of the posh kids is authentic since I don't move in those circles, but it does sound well-observed. Reading it though, I did feel like it was a lot of build-up to a denouement that was a bit too pat. Even the final scene, which portrayed how cliques like the Riot Club and the social connections they foster can have political implications, felt too convenient, more like it was there to deliberately frame the play with Guy's godfather's appearance. Would have liked to have seen it in performance though! Now I'm watching Fallen, an ABC mini-series from years ago, which shows that long before Paul Wesley was playing a brooding vampire, he was playing a brooding nephil. I think the acting throughout is a shade on the wrong side of wooden and contrived, but the talking dog is just awesome. Going to finish up the third and final part, before I continue reading The Windup Girl. Aiming to get through that by tonight!

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