Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Episode 897: LOL (Lots Of Love)

I'm mildly obsessed by shapes and patterns, so it would make sense if I'm really into dance. I'm not though, so attending this evening's performance of LOL (Lots Of Love), alone no less, was highly uncharacteristic of me. I decided to check it out because I wanted to see how the themes of technology and human connection would be explored. I thought the performance was well-executed, although the dancing itself was perhaps 'freer' than I was expecting. Sort of a chaotic precision, to attempt to coin an oxymoron. The characters created were sympathetic, and it felt less like stereotypes were being made fun of than viewed with the compassion of fellow humans, caught up in the same matrices of technology that offer the illusion of ever-greater intimacy in the guise of whirlwinds of minutiae. The backing soundscapes were also good, and I loved all the bleeps and other electronic bits that came from social networking tools. I'm now also very jealous of Kip Johnson's floppy hair. Make that floppy hair in general. Eugene tells me it would not suit me anyway, but still, one can dream. Also made the easiest £5 ever from a DR@W experiment today! Didn't make up for a lousy start to the day when the bus driver saw me but decided not to stop his not-full bus. Wasn't impressed by that at all. Welcome to a day in the life of a student at a top three British university. Now to whip that book review into shape in record time...

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