Monday, February 28, 2011

Episode 889: Still Pushing Ahead...

Have managed to write some more dialogue for my play. Am hoping to do a massive push tomorrow in the Library between the DR@W experiment and seeing Blue Valentine with Dan in the evening that will let me get to at least the middle of the play, which shouldn't be too much of a stretch, seeing as how this one-act play isn't meant to be terribly long. I've already managed to work in a couple of in-jokes referencing stuff from Measure For Measure, like Isabella's silence and Angelo's description as 'precise'. I hope whoever's marking this picks up on stuff like that, or I will be quite upset. The trouble I'm having is that my dialogue has a tendency to want to veer into idle banter for laughs. I've already put one such exchange in, which I think works because it hints at prior events that there isn't space to bring up otherwise within my play. I've also been finding good bits in essays here and there, some of which I may quote verbatim via my Critic character in his (probably) single appearance right before the end. The thing is that I'm trying to create a play of ideas that would still be interesting to watch because of the way they're embodied by characters, sort of like how some critics have proposed to interpret the characters in Shakespeare's play. The tricky thing is to avoid turning my characters into flat caricatures or stereotypes.

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