Friday, February 25, 2011

Episode 886: Army Daze

Just got back from the Singapore Society's production of Michael Chiang's Army Daze. (Can I just say that I'm impressed they got Ivan Heng to advise them?) It was an entertaining performance, although I think to get the full effect of it, you really did have to be a Singaporean male that has gone through NS. The stereotypes were naturally wildly exaggerated, but occasionally, you do encounter people who are actually like them. I know I did. A minor problem I had with tonight's production was the timing. The scene transitions were slightly awkward, but I'm chalking that up to the venue, which I imagine couldn't have been the easiest to work with since I'm sure the Panorama Suite wasn't designed with theatre in mind. What I had in mine was the odd pacing of the line delivery, like there would always be a split second pause too much. That aside, it was impressive how the cast managed to inhabit their roles, especially Nicholas. Mad props to Zhi Zhan too, particularly for that Lady Gaga moment. Anyway, I managed to get some reading done while waiting on campus for the play to start. I now definitely have enough ideas in my head to begin writing, so I'm going to get on that tomorrow before Reece's bar crawl!

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