Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Episode 863: Stupid Ulcer

I've got a stupid ulcer on my upper lip that's making it painful to eat, as well as enunciate in French, oddly enough. Now to go completely off-tangent, I'd just like to say that V is really quite a frustrating show. At this point, with six episodes to go before the season (and possibly series) finale, I don't see how the writers could provide a satisfying conclusion to everything they've built up so far. I like the direction they've gone with the whole soul issue, but at the same time, it feels like an attempt to give greater depth to a plot that has essentially devolved into a protracted prolonging of the inevitable confrontation between humanity (and its Fifth Column allies) and the Visitors, especially now that we know the Visitors came to Earth to breed with humans. The mother-daughter conflict is possibly the best thing on the show right now, and I hope it gets used in the show's denouement somehow. On a side note, how irritating is Tyler as a character? Anyway, currently ploughing through Marion Fox's Ape's-Face, which is a really weird book. In a good way. The conversation between two chairs is surreal, but definitely the best thing I've read in it so far. Just under 100 pages to go!

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