Saturday, February 26, 2011

Episode 887: Reece's Half-Birthday

So what else could there have been but a bar crawl in Leamington? We started at Kelsey's and worked our way north though, so that was interesting, since it meant being in Kelsey's before it started smelling too rank. That was a welcome change! Since we were heading northwards, I also ended up having takeaway from a different place because it wouldn't have made much sense to walk down half the Parade back to Vialli's. Truly, a night of novelty. I mean, before I left the house, I even managed to do some work for a change. Wrote the first page of my play, which was mostly a bunch of stage directions, since my play opens and closes with the Duke delivering his final speech from Measure For Measure. I'm glad I've finally written something, but I do think that I still need a clearer idea of what's going to happen in the middle, if the writing's to go as smoothly as I need it to. It's like I have a lot of interconnected ideas floating about, but haven't managed to integrate them properly into a larger theoretical framework that would justify the existence of my creative project.

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