Friday, February 04, 2011

Episode 865: It's Far Too Windy Here

Was supposed to pick up a reference today, but that didn't work out in the end. Scheduling conflicts! I had to be on campus anyway, to take part in an experiment in the Psychology department. Coincidentally, it was administered by someone who goes to Westwood too. Made £8.40 this time, which I was quite pleased about when I saw I'd earned the most so far out of the people who'd completed the experiment. Slightly annoyed with myself for not having gone with the right strategy to maximise my earnings though, despite having clocked immediately what the experiment was actually trying to determine and how. It's not like it would've been a lot more, to be honest. Just a few pence more or so. Went to Waterstone's when I got back to Leamington to see if they had the Orbit reprint edition of Mike Carey's Vicious Circle with the new cover, but they didn't. Figured there was no point asking them to order it though. It's slightly odd that Amazon UK is advertising it with the new cover, but apparently stocks the old one. (The reverse being the case for the first book in the series, The Devil You Know.) Now that I know that the series has been reissued with new covers, it would just be really annoying to not have all of them. A bit like how I secretly want to buy the reissued Tolkien books that come in black covers, despite owning all of them already.

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