Sunday, February 06, 2011

Episode 867: Prepared For Seminar!

Haven't finished reading Othello, but I've read enough to prepare for the mini-presentation at this week's seminar. Will have to finish reading to know the full plot details, of course, and I've less than 40 pages to go anyway. I could stay up again to complete it, but having kept myself awake last night to finish the book review for The Cadaverine, I don't think I'm going to punish myself again. I'll put a link to the review once it goes up. It's of a biography of Titanic Thompson, written by Kevin Cook. I think I might've mentioned this before, but my editor was totally right about it being an easier read than the last book I reviewed. It's a bit embarrassing how long it's taken me to get through this biography though, given how breezily it reads. Oh well. May the next review take less time! Anyway, I've got this weird idea for my Shakespeare creative project that ties in with the idea of onstage darkness and deliberately barring interpretation, where someone in the play is going to keep switching the lights off. I just haven't figured out whom it's going to be yet, since that ought to have some larger significance. Obvious choice would be to go for the director, but that's a bit of a cop-out, isn't it? Ditto for choosing one of the actors. Maybe it should be someone observing the rehearsal? The company's dramaturg? Then I can totally bring in that book Tom Cornford recommended I read (and which I haven't).

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