Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Episode 883: I'm No Scrooge, But...

Felt a bit silly today for paying so much for a ticket to The Tempest. Could've gone on Saturday instead and paid a third of the price instead, or if I'd been organised and sorted this out much earlier, I could've even gone for free! Oh well. It's not so much the extra cost that bothers me, since I've definitely been better at managing my money this year and so I've got a bit of a buffer by this point. It's just the annoying awareness that I could've used the money to, I don't know, buy another book or something. Anyway, here's the link to my review I promised a while ago, which was posted yesterday at The Cadaverine. Haven't been up to much today so far, since it's a Tuesday. Coming straight home after my seminar sure makes a difference though. I've caught up on all the shows, and it's not even 11 pm yet! With regard to Gossip Girl, incidentally, I'm definitely jumping on the Dair bandwagon. They don't even need to hook up. They can just become like best frenemies. Even that would be such an awesomely refreshing dynamic compared to having to watch Serena being blonde or Nate being thick or Chuck being scheming. The seminar itself went well. It's nice feeling properly prepared for a change, instead of practically winging it. One of the handouts we were given today was taken from a book I really should have read ages ago for my creative project, so I'm taking that as a sign!

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