Saturday, February 19, 2011

Episode 880: Massive Oxfam Haul

Since I was in London, I had to make my customary stop at Oxfam Marylebone. Wasn't disappointed! Bought nearly £50 of books, rescuing (among other things) poetry collections from Carcanet, Shearsman, Templar Poetry and the tall-lighthouse. Very, very pleased, as I got all of them at more than 50% off the list price. I'm quite happy to pay for poetry, but it helps with building my personal library if I can occasionally get some collections at a steep discount. Was with Eugene Chan and Zilu, who both read Monocle, and we happened to see the store while walking to Nando's for lunch. Popped in, and I must say, I think Monocle has officially replaced The Economist as my intellectual magazine of choice. My new aim is to take out a subscription. Well-produced, looks striking on a coffee table, and boasts solid content to boot. It's perfect for me! Actually tempted to start subscribing now, except it's silly because I won't be in the UK for a continuous year. Can't start in Singapore over summer either, so it'll have to wait till I'm back in Warwick for my MA. Sent the application out yesterday at a Ryman's outlet, so here's hoping everything works out for me!

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