Sunday, February 27, 2011

Episode 888: Breakthrough!

It's oddly appropriate that this auspiciously numbered post concerns the conceptual breakthrough I had this afternoon regarding my Shakespeare creative project. Was talking it over with Bella because we were going to work in the Library on Tuesday, and the more I typed in Facebook Chat, the clearer it became what my play had to be about. It helped that Bella could look at my ideas from the perspective of a Theatre and Performance Studies student. Looking at my original proposal to Carol Rutter for the project, it's kind of funny how what I've got right now in my head for the body of my one-act play is actually closer to what I had in mind when I first chose to do a creative project than what it had drifted into in the intervening months. I'm pulling a lot more ideas together now, I think, but in a more cogent fashion than before. Pretty incredible given that just last evening, I was having doubts about what I was actually going to put into the play. It's a bit too complicated to explain here what the play is going to look like now, and I doubt anyone really cares that much apart from myself. Suffice it to say that I'm pleased and feeling very optimistic about getting the play finished in a timely fashion!

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