Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Episode 877: Middle Of Reading Week, And What Have I Done?

Went straight from cell (which was really just dinner with Jethro and Neil) to Christian's bar crawl. Didn't stay until Kelsey's though, as I was feeling a bit ill (definitely coming down with a sore throat), so I left together with Dan. I want to be in reasonable shape tomorrow so that I can read King Lear. Need to be on campus as well, to attend a briefing for my latest DR@W experiment. If I can finish reading the play in the afternoon, I can spend the evening watching Kozintsev's Korol Lir and do my preparation for Tuesday's seminar. Honestly though, all I really want to do is curl up in bed with a trashy novel. Or even an intelligent novel. Just anything except Shakespeare. Can't really afford to though, I've already fallen behind my plans for writing the one-act play for my creative project, although I think that a first draft can be banged out pretty quickly, now that I've more or less figured out the shape of the play. Making sure it's good though, is quite another matter. One week to draft, one week to polish, one week to write the accompanying commentary? That's pretty much what I'm looking at right now, isn't it?

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