Friday, February 18, 2011

Episode 879: Maroon 5 At Brixton Academy!

So Sara Bareilles was the opening act for Maroon 5. While I've never been a massive fan of her (despite acknowledging that her mainstream hit 'Love Song' is ridiculously catchy), I must admit I was won over tonight. She just seemed really, well, genuine, as a performer. Plus she was amazing live. The same went for Maroon 5. A bit annoyed that my camera batteries went flat in the middle of the concert, but I managed to use my iPhone to snap a couple of shots, as well as record an epic moment when Adam Levine borrowed an audience member's mobile to call her friend, only to be thwarted by bad reception. This was before 'She Will Be Loved', so I've got a pretty decent video of the whole exchange and the entirety of the song. I definitely appreciated how they played material from all three of their albums, and I think they pretty much covered all of their hit singles, with the notable exception of their two most recent ones, 'Give A Little More' and 'Never Gonna Leave This Bed'. Even songs from Songs About Jane sounded fresh because they were given new arrangements that matched those from subsequent albums. The music was fantastically loud and had a lot of crunch, if you know what I mean. Oh, and obviously, Levine is sex on legs. If I could tell this from the first row of the balcony, I can't imagine how the people crowded in front of the stage must have felt. By the way, this was the first live concert I've ever been to, and I don't think I'm going to make it a habit. Although I shelled out for the VIP package (including early entry and band merchandise), I don't think there are that many acts that I would really want to see live. OneRepublic, I suppose, and Lady Gaga, as long as her new album isn't rubbish.

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