Thursday, February 17, 2011

Episode 878: Multicultural Dinner Party

Brought tangyuan to the dinner at Maria's place, which was well-received. The food tonight was all very delicious as well, so I'm really glad I made up my mind to go, despite needing to get some work done this week. (The paella David, Lawrence and Paul brought was so good!) Had a good conversation with Elena as well, whom I saw in Ranon's production of Emily Of Emerald Hill last year but had never properly met until tonight, so that was nice. It's funny how even in my final year as an undergraduate, I'm still meeting new people who've so many friends in common with me (thanks Facebook!) but I've just never become friends with myself. Not that it's a bad thing. I mean, they're usually lovely people! It just seems a bit of a pity to only be meeting them now, so near the end of my degree. Speaking of which, I sent off the soft copies of my application documents that will hopefully get me another year in the UK, preferably sponsored. Michael Hulse, as I guessed, checked his e-mail today, so I'm picking up my reference tomorrow before catching the coach to London to see Maroon 5 with Eugene Chan, and I'll post the hard copies from there via DHL. Fingers crossed! Won't know the outcome for quite a while, which is going to be nervewrecking if I let myself think about it so I just won't.

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