Thursday, February 03, 2011

Episode 864: CNY Party!

So oddly enough, I've gone to a party ostensibly commemorating Chinese New Year at Lizzie's place, where I was, incidentally, the only Chinese person. Talk about irony. It was fun(ny) though, e.g. I don't think I've seen Annie quite so tipsy before! (At least not recently.) Night ended with the typical stop at Vialli's, which will probably make me feel a bit ill in the morning. Anyway, I'm quite glad I made the effort last night to finish reading Ape's-Face before this morning's EN236 seminar. It's a strange book, that one. Can't believe Sophie actually managed to get one off the Internet for about £5. Then my EN331 seminar was cancelled because Michael Hulse was ill, but I only found out when I went upstairs with my now-standard large gingerbread latte just after 3 pm. Dilemma ensued because that meant I could either stay on campus and help at that French seminar for the full two hours for a change (haven't been since Week 1 of this term) or go home and do stuff that needed to be done, like typing up the feedback for the CU's Mission Week events and reading that book I need to review. Cost-benefit analysis suggested that the latter course of action made more sense, in light of the fact that I don't actually do a lot when I do go down apart from making the equivalent of small talk in French.

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