Sunday, February 20, 2011

Episode 881: I Hate Having A Cold...

Could finish reading King Lear if I sacrificed an hour or so of sleep, but instead, I've stopped after Act 3 Scene 3 and am now watching a bit of Kozintsev's Korol Lir, so that I'll have something to say tomorrow when meeting the other people in my seminar group who've been assigned this film. Not going to watch the whole film though. That'll have to happen tomorrow. I'm just getting through the first scene! The opening of Kozintsev's adaptation is already an interesting divergence from the text of the play anyway, with the peasantry trooping towards the castle across a barren countryside. I'll say though, it's a bit weird listening to the lines in Russian, even if there are accompanying subtitles. (Oh, bit of French just crept in there, a translator telling the King of France what Cordelia's just said to Lear.) Have also decided this afternoon that a lot of the so-called reading I was planning on doing for my creative project is, strictly speaking, unnecessary, since a lot of the material is more concerned with advancing particular interpretations, whereas the goal of my project isn't so much interpretation as trying to unpick precisely why there exists such potential for multiple interpretations to begin with.

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