Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Episode 862: Cosmic Jokes

The universe is mocking me today. The seminar was only on The Changeling, so thankfully, Wikipedia's article on it has rather comprehensive scene summaries, so I knew all about who wanted to sleep/slept with whom and all the other juicy plot developments. Good seminar though, apart from the bit at the end where I got stuck doing stuff on Othello for next week because I was sitting to my seminar tutor's left. Of all the characters to get, I had to get the titular. Now I actually have to read the whole play way beforehand. Just as well I decided not to go out tonight for Amrit and Grace's party, I guess? Time to catch up on reading. The last cosmic joke played on me was when I got back to Leamington. Thought I had enough time to get stuff from Tesco, including the tortellini for tomorrow's cell dinner, and so I did. Came out to see the 68 at the bus stop, so I went over, only to have the driver pull away despite my waving. The bus was practically empty, so it's not like stopping for a few seconds would've killed him. Had to wait half an hour. I suppose things could have been worse. It could have been colder than 7°C for starters. It could have been the last bus of the evening. Still, that driver should have stopped, right?

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